What is Pure Romance?

"I don't need Pure Romance, I have a man or, I'm not into that (A.K.A Sex Toys)"
I have heard this scentence a million times & it grinds my gears because I work so hard to show women that the business is more than this....
If you have been to one of my parties and have NOT learnt something new that has changed the way you think when it comes to your overall health as well as sexual health & wellness, than please let me know.....
☝️Pure Romance does not replace your Man/Woman or your hand...
☝️ Pure Romance does not bag out men and/or state out products do/can replace them. We want to help partners re-connect, not to disconnect .
☝️Pure Romance is not all about Sex Toys and getting freaky in the bedroom, infact 80% of our product line is liquid. We have a wide range of bath, beauty, health and wellness products which do not in anyway get used for sexual play.
☝️Pure Romance is about embracing Women and providing a safe place to be able to talk and learn about our Sexual Wellness without being felt like it is a wrong or taboo subject to talk about.
☝️Pure Romance is about allowing other women to realize, they are not alone in things that they do, but also how they feel or have experienced throughout their time as a teen to now.
☝️ Pure Romance & it's products are created for women & men going through all stages of life. Ensuring men and women can feel comfortable when their bodies are experiencing stage of life teen-menapause, trauma, from sickness, mental and/or physical pain
☝️Pure Romance is about building Women's confidence up that she may have never had to start with, or their had been trauma and she is trying to move forward. This starts from physical confidence to mental confidence.
☝️Pure Romance is teaching young women how to look after our bodies before we may damage and hurt it with the lack of Sexual education & support we do not get.
☝️Pure Romance is here to help you understand your body, but also your partners & ways on how to bring this information to your partners and how to engage in new ideas and bring new adventures
☝️Pure Romance is all about keeping the flame going within a relationship when it comes to the bedroom, but also relighting that flame where it may lacking.
☝️Pure Romance guides you to get out of your comfort zone with ease and no pressure.
☝️Pure Romance helps you to feel beautiful on the inside and out.
☝️Pure Romance helps to prevents injuries and pain when it comes to sexual encounters.
So the next time you hear someone say "I don't need that", please educate them and tell them what they are really missing out on, because we all need to be #savingonevaginaatatime #Micdrop #TruthbetoldbyKristyn